How do I relink my My Health Online Account?

If you have changed your surgery, or for some other reason unlinked your My Health Online Account, and now want to start using it again, you need to relink your account.

Note - You can currently only use My Health Online with surgeries that use Vision as their clinical system.

To relink your account:

  1. First you need to contact your surgery and ask for an online registration letter.
  2. Once you have the letter, log in to your My Health Online account in the usual way.
  3. A 'You have not yet linked to a practice account' message is displayed, select Link Here.


  4. The Linkage page is displayed, enter the Practice ID from the letter and select Submit.
  5. Now complete the Account ID and Linkage Key (Hint - if you are working from an email, you can copy and paste these details).


  6. Now select Link.
  7. The following message is displayed 'You have now successfully linked' to your practice account message is displayed and you are now ready to use the services enabled by your surgery.