What can I see in My Medical Record?

Remember, this facility needs to be enabled by your surgery before you can use it.

In order for you to view your coded medical record, three levels of consent must be met:

  • Practice Level - Your GP practice must have Detailed Coded Records enabled  
  • Patient Level - You must request access to your detail coded record from your GP practice  
  • GP Level - Your GP has to review your request and enable you access  

Please contact your GP practice with regards to consent recording.

Once all three levels of consent have been met, My Medical Record

is available and can consist of any or all of the following (depending on your GP surgery choices):

  • Medication - A list of all of your medication that have been issued, either on repeat prescription or as a one off (acute).
  • Diagnosis - A list of your medical diagnoses.
  • Event History - A list of your consultation dates, details of referrals for further care, hospital admissions and details of any future review dates with your surgery.
  • Examination Findings - A list of examination findings which may include items such as blood pressure, height, weight, smoking and alcohol.
  • Problems - A section defined by your GP surgery, if this option is enabled please check with your surgery for details of this category.
  • Risks and Warnings - A list of any allergies or intolerances you may have.
  • Procedures - A list of operations and injections, for example childhood vaccinations, travel vaccinations, flu jab, removal of appendix etc.
  • Investigations - A list of tests and results, for example blood tests, smears, urine, swabs.  Please note - Your surgery may not have reviewed these results. For information regarding what your results mean please contact your surgery in the usual way.